The Ruger Precision rifle has quickly ascended to one of the most popular bolt action rifles on the market, and for good reason.  With features like a 5R rifled 4140 chrome-moly steel threaded barrel that can be modified using standard AR style tools, a Samson free float handguard, factory 20-MOA picatinny rail, MSR style receiver that accepts a multitude of different magazines, and fully adjustable stock all at a relatively affordable price, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a winner for shooters looking to get into precision rifle shooting without breaking the bank.  With the features listed, this rifle is geared for long range shooting right out of the box, but with all of those long range goodies, what would be the best way to mount a scope?

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On the typical bolt action rifle like a Remington 700, or Savage model 10, etc… the way the stock is designed, it is advantageous to get the scope as low to the bore as possible, but the RPR is not your typical bolt action rifle.  The RPR is designed like a flattop MSR where the handguard, receiver, and stock are all inline, so the mounting system that is used needs to bring the scope high enough for the shooter to be able to see through the center of the lens while maintaining a proper cheek weld. The best method we have found to work for the RPR is using MSR “Ideal Height” mounts.  By using this height of mount, the shooter can clear a large variety of scope sizes, and keep proper cheek weld.


XSKEL34DE w/ Leupold Mark 4

The scope featured on this rifle is the excellent Minox ZP5 5-25X56. This scope features a 34mm tube, a mil based reticle, low light illumination, and more capability than the average shooter could even use.  This scope is the perfect match for a Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. First we need to figure out if we want any additional MOA built into the mounts, and since the rifle already features a 20MOA rail, and the scope features a 28 MRAD double turn elevation turret with zero stop, adding any MOA into the mount would likely just make it more difficult to zero at shorter ranges.  If a shooter were planning on reaching out to extreme long distance, they could use a 20MOA LR-SKEL mount for a total of 40MOA incline, but most shooters are fine sticking with a standard 0MOA mount.  If all of this MOA talk is a bit confusing, I would recommend reading 20MOA Explained Here


Mountain Tech MSR Height w/ Minox scope

Warne offers several different mounting options for a rifle like this.  If steel rings are what you prefer, the Maxima quick detach or Tactical rings would be an excellent option. Maxima quick detach and Tactical rings are very robust, and will offer more than a lifetime’s worth of unwavering performance.  If weight is a concern, Warne Mountain Tech are the latest evolution of lightweight precision rifle rings.  Made out of 7075 T6 aluminum and stainless hardware, Mountain Tech offers a lightweight ring option that performs to the highest standards. If a 1 piece mount is what you desire, a Warne X-SKEL or R.A.M.P. mount may be just the ticket. In the featured image at the top of the page we chose to go with our MSR Tactical rings. These rings are based on the X-SKEL mount, and made out of 6061 T6 aluminum using steel threaded inserts for the screws. They feature a 65 in/lb 1/2″ tactical nut for attaching to the rail, and an anodized finish. The main point to drive home is the correct height of the mounting system being used. Any of the MSR “Ideal Height” mounts offered by Warne would compliment the rifle and optic well. No matter what your Ruger Precision Rifle will be used for, Warne has a mounting system that will suit your needs.