“Ounces are pounds,  pounds are pain.”  This is often the mantra of the back country hunter.  When you depend on your legs, and not your truck to get you where you need to go, every single ounce matters. The lighter you are, the longer, and easier your trek will be.  Steel makes for a great scope mount, it is exceedingly strong, capable of handling the most punishing recoil and beyond, and still hold true.  Steel is quite durable, it can take a beating over and over for years on end, and not give in.  If there is one aspect of steel that may not be desirable for some specific shooters and hunters, it is weight.  Steel is heavy duty, and that comes at the price of weight. In an effort to combat weight while retaining the rock solid performance Warne is known for, we are excited to announce the launch of a new ring and base line called Mountain Tech.

Mountain Tech Scope Rings - 7214M Scope Ring

Mountain Tech scope ring mounts construction is second to none. The rings are precision CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminum, featuring a Mil-Spec hard coat anodized finish, and black oxide coated stainless steel hardware for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. 7075 T6 aluminum provides an excellent strength to weight ratio. This aluminum rivals steel in many aspects related to strength, but in a ring that is 60% lighter than similar steel mounts.

mountain tech scope rails

Great rings are only as good as the base they are attached to.  With many modern scopes using short tubes and rifle actions staying the same length, sometimes it can be a challenge to mount a scope and achieve the proper eye relief, or in some cases, even fit the scope between the rings. A picatinny rail can help alleviate those issues by providing mounting slots the full length across the ejection port.  The multiple mounting positions ensure that your scope will be in the perfect spot for eye relief.  Mountain Tech rails are machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and also feature a Mil-Spec hard coat anodized finish. Base screws are black zinc coated steel which feature a flat sided head with a slight taper to center the screw in the mounting hole and eliminate the potential for base movement under recoil.


All Mountain Tech rings and bases will be machined to STANAG 4694 specification.  A typical weaver or picatinny style mount would attach, and make its main contact with the base on the angled sides of the base, both top and bottom, leaving a small gap between the bottom surface of the mount and the top of the base.  STANAG spec mounts attach by placing pressure to the underside and flat top of the base only.  NATO tests have shows that this attachment method can increase repeatable alignment.  All 1913 picatinny and STANAG 4694 mounts are interchangeable and will work on either platform.


Mountain Tech rings and bases are not only a high performance mounting system, but they are also sleek and good looking.  Many “tactical” style mounts are boxy and uninspired.  Mountain Tech offers a sculpted ring design that looks equally at home on a lightweight hunting rifle, or a precision tactical rifle.  Mountain Tech are the highest performing, best looking mounting system on the market. To learn more, check out our product page Here.