For years, 3 gun and tactical shooters have utilized offset sighting systems, along with a magnified optic to seamlessly transition from close to long range shooting by quickly twisting the rifle.  Warne recognized the advantage these offset sights provided, and were the first to incorporate 45 degree offset rails in a one piece scope mount.  Since its introduction in 2010, The Rapid Acquisition Multi-sight Platform or RAMP Mount has been a hit with some of the top names in the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series, as well as law enforcement agencies across the globe.

Wyatt Gibson

Team Warne Pro Staff: Wyatt Gibson

The RAMP Mount is constructed from 6061 T6 series aircraft aluminum. This provides a solid, yet lightweight platform, while still maintaining a high degree of precision.  Inside of the ring area on the mount, we utilize steel thread inserts so there are no steel screws fastening to aluminum threads. Each ring cap uses four 8-40 T-15 Torx screws to secure the scope in place. The RAMP also uses two milspec steel cross bolts that allow for 65 inch pounds of torque to be applied when clamping to a picatinny rail.  Finish options include anodized red, blue, black, zombie green or Cerakote dark earth and mil spec OD green.

The RAMP Mount is offered in 1″, 30mm and 34mm scope tube sizes, and feature the ideal scope height for a flattop MSR.  The RAMP Mount places the centerline of the scope tube around 1.43″ above the flattop. This provides the shooter a good cheek weld, and also allowing clearance for scopes using objective lenses up to 56mm.  The 45 degree side rails can be used with a number of accessories.  When the RAMP is used by itself, a small red dot can be mounted for lightning quick transitions from long range to close range.  When paired with our A645 adapter on the hand guard rail, a shooter can mount flip up or fixed sights as a close range or backup sighting option.  Traditionally, the flattop AR-15 offered the use of iron sights only when the scope was removed. With the RAMP Mount, the sights are always available when needed, and the scope can remain in place.

Since the RAMP mount has offset rails on both sides, the side that is not being used can either be removed for a more streamline look, or it can be used for a light, laser, or any other rail mounted accessory that fits.  If a secondary sighting system will not be used on the rifle, the dominant side rail can be used for a light or laser. The RAMP Mount is one of the most versatile MSR mounts on the market, and paired with the A645, there is nothing that can match that versatility.  Looking forward, the RAMP will continue it’s dominance as the preferred mount of top level shooters in professional 3 gun competition.  Whether competing on the 3 gun course, a duty rifle, or your defensive carbine, you can depend on the RAMP Mount to deliver the highest level of performance Warne is famous for.